Tinta HP 21XL Negro C9351CE

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Ref.: HPC9351C
475 páginas. 12ml. Compatible con: HP Deskjet F370, F375, F380, F390, Deskjet 3920, 3940, Deskjet D1360, D1460, D1470, D1560, Deskjet D2330, D2360, D2430, D2460, Deskjet F2180, F2187, F2280, F2290, Deskjet F4140, F4172, F4180, F4190, Officejet 4315, 4355, Officejet J3680, Officejet J5520, PSC 1402, 1410, 1415, 1417, Fax 3180


Cartucho de tinta negro, nº21XL. 12 ml. -Marca: HP -Modelo: C9351CE -HP Deskjet F2210 -HP Deskjet F2240 -HP Deskjet F2275 -HP Deskjet F2280 -HP Deskjet F2290 -Hp Deskjet 3930 -HP Deskjet 3940 -HP Deskjet D1400 -Hp Deskjet D1520 -HP Deskjet D1530 -HP Deskjet D1558 -HP Deskjet D1560 -HP Deskjet D1568 -HP Deskjet D2300 -HP Deskjet D2430 -HP Deskjet D2445 -HP Deskjet D2460 -HP Deskjet F2110 -HP Deskjet F2120 -HP Deskjet F2128 -HP Deskjet F2140 -HP Deskjet F2179 -HP Deskjet F2180 -HP Deskjet F2187 -HP Deskjet F2188 -HP Deskjet F325 -HP Deskjet F335 -HP Deskjet F340 -HP Deskjet F370 -HP Deskjet F375 -HP Deskjet F380 -HP Deskjet F390 -Hp Deskjet F380 -HP Deskjet F4135 -HP Deskjet F4140 -HP Deskjet F4172 -HP Deskjet F4180 -HP Deskjet F4185 -HP officejet 4311 -HP Officejet 4314 -HP Officejet 4315 -HP officejet J5508 -HP Officejet J5520 -HP OfficeJet J3600 -HP PSC 1401 -HP PSC 1402 -HP PSC 1406 -HP PSC 1408 -HP PSC 1410 -HP PSC 1410v -HP PSC 1410xi -HP PSC 1417

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