Tinta Compatible Lexmark 35 Color

€10.45 IGIC incluido
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Ref.: GEN-3668-LX35
Compatible con: Lexmark X5410, X5430, X5450, X5470, X5470 Business Edition, X5490, X5495

Cartucho de tinta 3 colores N° 35 High Yield (450 páginas). -Marca: Lexmark -Modelo: 018C0035E -Lexmark X5250 -Lexmark X3330 -Lexmark P4350 -Lexmark P4330 -Lexmark P6350 -Lexmark X5270 -Lexmark Home Copier Plus -Lexmark P6250 -Lexmark X7170 -Lexmark X3350 -Lexmark X8350 -Lexmark X7350 -Lexmark X5470 -Lexmark X5450 -Lexmark X5410 -Lexmark X2550 -Lexmark X2500 -Lexmark X5470 Business Edition -Lexmark X8350 Business Edition -Lexmark X7350 Business Edition -Lexmark X3550 -Lexmark X4550 -Lexmark X3530 -Lexmark X4530 -Lexmark X2530 -Lexmark X2510 -Lexmark X5490 -Lexmark X5070 -Lexmark X5495 -Lexmark X4550 Business Edition -Lexmark Z815 -Lexmark P915 -Lexmark P315 -Lexmark P450 -Lexmark Z845 -Lexmark Z1320 -Lexmark Z1420 -Lexmark Z1300 -Lexmark Z1310 -Lexmark Z1410


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