Schucko + 2 Tomas USB Energenie Externo

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Ref.: EG-ACU2-01-W
Cargador de red universal con dos tomas USB de 5V y corriente de hasta 2.1 amperios y un enchufe pasante. Voltaje de entrada: 100-240 VAC con una frecuencia de 50 Hz - 60 Hz. Voltaje de salida: 5 V DC. Corriente de salida: hasta 2.1 A. Zócalo alemán (Schuko) tipo, 10A. Consumo de energía en modo de espera: 0.2W. Protección contra el sobrecalentamiento. Protección contra cortocircuitos. Blanco


EG-ACU2-01-W 2-port USB charger with pass-through AC socket, 2.1 A, white PURE POWER Perfect for charging your portables Charge 2 devices simultaniously Suitable for use with your iPhone, iPod, iPad and most other mp3-players, phones and tablets Universal 2-port 5V/2A USB charger with pass throuh AC socket Just plug it into the wall socket to charge your USB-rechargeable device Supports most USB-rechargeable devices, including iPod, iPhone and iPad Practical pass-through AC socket AC for electrical loads up to 10 A Short circuit protection and overload current protection Especificaciones Input voltage: 100 V AC - 240 V AC 50 Hz - 60 Hz Socket: German (Schuko) type Plug: built-in German (Schuko) 10 A USB output: 5 V DC, max. 2.1A (total) Standby power consumption: 0.2 W Dimensions: 95 x 58 x 70 mm Net weight: 105 g Working temperature: up to 40 degrees Celsius

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