Regleta de 1 Toma con Teléfono/Red/Tv Energenie

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Protector contra sobretensiones con protección de teléfono, red y TV. Socket de protección para niños. Max. Tensión de sobretensión 6.000 V / Corriente puntual 9.000 A. Bajo consumo de energía <0,8 W


SIS-TNC Surge protector with telephone, network, TV protection PROTECTS USERS PROTECTS VALUABLE EQUIPMENT NETWORK, SURGE TELEPHONE AND TV PROTECTION Specifications Input voltage: 250 V AC, 50-60 Hz Max surge voltage 6.000 V, spike current 9.000 A Max load current: 16 A Temperature range: ( +10 - +40 °C) Net weight: about 0.32 kg System Requirements SAFETY PRECAUTIONS: Avoid moisture and dirt Do not cover during use Indoor use only INSTRUCTIONS: If the orange LED lights up, the MSIS-TNC is conducting and ready for use If the green LED lights up, all connected devices are protected against overvoltage Has no voltage only when disconnected

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